The Museum of Sacred Art of Scaria, which  is the major museum in the Intelvi Valley, was established by a decree of  the bishop of Como, Felice Bonomini, on 3rd May 1966 with the aim of  collecting and preserving works of art belonging to the parish church of Scaria and other places of the valley.

It was founded thanks to the efforts of Fernando Cavadini, a scholar of local history and art. When he was a parish priest in Scaria, he was able to channel the interest and passion of a large group of people, and set up the Magistri Intelvesi Cultural Association. The Association played a major role in the development of the collection and in the life of the museum.

After being closed for a long time, the Museum was reopened in March 2015 with a renewed exhibition area. The museum has always been a cultural attraction for both scholars and tourists with the aim of promoting the artistic and religious heritage of the area, in particular the works of “Magistri Intelvesi”. These craftsmen exported their technical and professional skills and, back in their native land, left behind valuable evidence of what they had learnt abroad.