Many of the artworks exhibited in the Museum are donations and bequests, which are an important way of preserving and enhancing the local artistic and cultural heritage, as well as a charitable act to support the local community and participate in the life of the Diocese.

For donations and bequests, please contact the Director of the Museum, Don Remo Giorgetta:

Phone: (+39) 031840241


Association ‘Amici del Museo d’Arte Sacra di Scaria’ 

The non-profit  Association ‘Amici del Museo d’Arte Sacra di Scaria’ was set up by a group of people with the following aims:

  • to support and promote all the initiatives of the Museum of Sacred Art of Scaria, meant to  enhance its artistic and cultural heritage;
  • to promote initiatives which are meant to favour knowledge of the Museum using different media;
  • to promote cooperation with associations which share the same purpose;
  • to preserve and financially support the works and the structures of the Museum.

How to join the Association

Membership Fee   € 10,00

Fill in the membership request form and pay the fee.